Regulatory flexibility for innovation

The programme Smart Regulation for Green Growth is a joint programme of the ministries of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and the Environment.

If your business wants to invest in innovation, but you find yourself limited by legislation and regulations. The Dutch government wants to stimulate and facilitate innovations and investments. And therefore started the programme Smart Regulation for Green Growth.

On this page you’ll find the English translations of our presentation and brochure. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

      • Presentation programme Smart Regulation for Green Growth: Smart regulation for Green Growth
      • Brochure programme Smart Regulation for Green Growth: Brochure Ruimte in Regels ENG


Smart regulation for chemical sector

Is your company operating in the chemical sector, and do you find yourself limited by legislation and regulations? The programme Smart Regulation for the Chemical Sector is your hotline at the Dutch Government. Our goal is to remove regulatory obstacles in favour of growth, investments and innovation of the chemical sector.

How does it work?

Is your business impeded by regulatory barriers while operating or investing (in innovation)? Please inform us of the issue at:

Our multidisciplinary team will contact you for an interview discussing the issue and the underlying causes and consults with the relevant stakeholders in order to find a solution. Each issue will be treated individually, but the solutions will be shared, as they may also be useful to other Entrepreneurs.

In some cases it will be sufficient to review and explain the existing legislation in order to resolve the issue and facilitate the investment. In other cases, amendment of legislation is needed. Sometimes a technical amendment is sufficient, but in other cases a more fundamental change in policy is required.

Our aim is to create legal flexibility in favour of growth, investment and innovation without losing sight of the public values, such as health and the environment. Therefore it is possible that due to conflicts of interest no solution can be found. Information about resolved issues, descriptions of the relevant legislation and amendments are published on our website. This will allow other entrepreneurs to profit from the new flexibility as well. Of course all business information will be treated confidentially.